Middleton Outreach Offer May 2020

During the period of lockdown, Middleton Outreach is still up and running to support mainstream schools within DSPL4. We are able to offer the following services which will be coordinated and led by myself, as Outreach lead for the school.

  • Offer advice and support to Sencos and class teachers of individual children currently on the caseload, to ensure that their needs are met whether they are learning in school or at home. This could be in terms of supporting differentiation, providing practical learning ideas, creating visuals to support learning, devising social stories, etc.
  • Liaise with Sencos and class teachers to solve individual issues which have been raised by the parents of children currently on the caseload during this period of home learning.
  • Offer more general advice and support to Sencos and class teachers regarding supporting children with special educational needs who are learning in school or at home on an ‘un-named child’ basis.

The support offered at this time will be via email communication or phone. Middleton Outreach can be contacted by emailing lisa.cox@middleton.herts.sch.uk.

Lisa Cox

Middleton Outreach Lead