Staff in the School

Staff list



Mrs Donna Jolly



Mrs Debbie Hartley

Deputy Headteacher


Miss Jackie Otley

Lower School Manager / Penguins


Mrs Diane Hart

School Business Manager


Mrs Lisa Cox

Middle School Manager / Toucans / Outreach Leader


Miss Fiona Mills

Upper School Manager / Kestrels


Miss Emily Burns



Mr Luke Shasha



Mrs Karen Morgan



Miss Charlotte Glynn



Miss Alison Crumpton



Miss Polly Farmer



Mrs Gill Cherry

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Ms Fiona Sale

Learning Facilitator


Mrs  Sharron Graffato

Family Liaison Officer


Miss Kelly Maisary/ Mrs Rachel Hart






Teaching Assistants



Mrs Ann Cook

Mrs Margaret Goodall


Mrs Angela Graves

Mrs Tracey Greenhill


Mrs Meriel Hargraves

Mrs Karen Moss


Ms Chrisanthi Stavrou

Mrs Paulene Mansfield


Mrs Jane Hartfield

Mrs Angela Hornsey


Mrs Jill Wood

Mrs Lisa Wilkinson


Ms Sue Burdick

Mrs Claire Reid


Miss Kelly Matthews

Ms Sarah Mason


Mr Ben Andrews

Miss Laura Chant


Mr Ethan Perkins

Miss Leanne Wood


Mrs Carla Perkins

Miss Kerry O’Smotherly


Miss Abbey Laurence

Mrs Kerry Reilly


Miss Natalie Kendle

Mr Calum Hartley


Mrs Penny Theodossiou

Mrs Lisa Want


Mrs Stacey Ward

Miss Lizzie Southerill


Mrs Grace Ward

Miss Stephanie Parkes


Mrs Joanne Block

Mrs Sarah Wood


Support staff



Mrs Helen Joseph



Mrs Natalie O’Neill

Finance Assistant


Ms Caroline Wilson

Finance Support


Lunchtime support



Mrs Emma Saunders

Miss Wendy Saint


Miss Jade Benson

Miss Dora Aggudey


Premises support



Mr John Hayes



Mrs Linda Perkins



Herts Catering Limited



Ms Zoe Deards



Miss Kizzie Hampton




The changes at home have been nothing short of amazing. All of our family and friends have commented on how well he is doing. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thank you to all of you, we are so grateful that he’s been given this opportunity.

Luke Wareham