‘The staff are so dedicated – everyone gives 100%’ 

Parent Feedback


Teaching Assistants
Office Staff
Lunchtime Support
Premises Support
Herts Catering Ltd
Speech and Language



Mrs D Hartley

Head Teacher

Mr M McLoughlin

Deputy Head 

Miss J Otley

Middle School Manager / Puffins

Mrs L Cox

Lower School Manager / Outreach Leader / Assistant Head

Mrs S Ward

Family Liason Officer

Mrs H Nash

Family Liason Officer

Mrs J Cowell

Data Co-Ordinator

Miss F Mills

Upper School Manager / Kestrels

Mrs O Bull


Mrs R Hart/Miss A Hornsey


Miss C Carrick


Mr L Shasha


Mrs K Morgan


Mrs E Sherar


Mr D Brinicombe


Miss A Lawrence


Mrs G Cherry

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms F Sale

Learning Facilitator

Mr T Wildey

PE Lead

Miss C Glynn


Mrs N Hall

Supply Teacher

Mrs E Farrington

Supply Teacher

Miss K Maisery


Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants


Mrs J Akore

Mrs M Monckton

Mr B Andrews

Mrs K Moss

Miss J Benson

Miss K O'Smotherly

Mrs K Bracaliello

Mrs C Perkins

Miss T Brodie

Mr E Perkins

Ms S Burdick

Mr E Pratt

Mrs C Capel

Miss S Power

Mrs L Chant

Mrs K Reilly

Mrs L Cheek

Ms T Roberts

Miss L Cheek

Miss W Saint

Ms M Dodson

Mrs J Skrebels

Miss T Gordon

Mrs M Skrjanec

Mrs A Graves

Mrs K Stockwell

Mrs T Greenhill

Mrs J Sugg

Miss Z Griffin

Mrs P Theodossiou

Mr M Handley

Miss J Watts

Mrs J Hartfield

Mrs L Wilkinson

Mrs C Hope

Mrs J Wood

Mrs L Howard

Mrs S Wood

Miss E Hunter

Mrs J Unwin

Ms D Hyde

Mr J Yorkston

Ms N Kendall


Mrs D Little


Mrs P Mansfield


Mrs S Mason

Mrs A McMullins  
Office Staff

Office Staff


Mrs N O’Neill

School Business Manager

Ms C Wilson

Finance and Data Administrator

Mrs K Hampton

Administration Assistant

Mrs H Joseph


Lunchtime Support

Lunchtime support


Miss D Aggudey

Mrs M Benson

Miss T Saggers




Mr J Boyden


Play Assistant


Mr A Morreale

Premises Support

Premises support


Mr J Hayes

Site Manager

Mr C Hartley

Site Officer

Mr M Farmborough

IT Technician

Herts Catering Ltd

Herts Catering Limited


Miss C Ballard


Miss L Jenkins

Catering Assistant

Speech and Language

Speech and Language

C Marley

Speech and Language Therapy Lead

A Hillman

Speech and Language Therapist

K Wright

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant


‘ I love the staff dedication and approach; setting him up to succeed and not fail’ 

Parent Feedback

‘The teachers and staff treat the children so well – they treat them like family!’ 

Parent Feedback