Summer 2 2022

Our topic this term is ‘Water, water everywhere’. We began this topic by going on a fantastic boat trip from Ware to Hertford. We walked into Ware where we got on the boat. We had a lovely boat journey that included watching how the river water moves and flows, looking at the wildlife around the river and going through a lock. All very exciting! We also ate our lunch on the boat. A great start to our topic.

In Geography we have made our own water cycle bags. The sun makes the water evaporate and condense into tiny droplets (this is how the clouds are formed). When the droplets become bigger they run down the side of the bag (this is like the rain), and the water will pool again at the bottom of the bag (like lakes and oceans). Then the water cycle begins again. All the children thoroughly enjoyed making their water cycle bags. They monitored them each day to see the changes.

We are currently also learning a dance that uses scarves to show how water moves and flows. What a fun topic to end the year!

Spring 1 2022

The Upper School topic this term has been The Tudors.    

The children have really enjoyed learning information about the Tudor period. This has included Tudor houses, punishment, how the Tudors become rulers of England and The importance of the two powerful families The House of York and The House of Lancaster. They have explored the different Kings, especially Henry VIII and his many wives. Learning about Henry VIII was very popular in class.      

In cookery we have made different Tudor recipes. This has included vegetable pottage and maid of honour cheesecakes.

We finished our topic by having a Tudor banquette, Tudor dancing and Tudor jousting. What a fantastic way to end such a fun topic!

In English we have been learning about William Shakespeare’s story Romeo and Juliet. The children have had great enthusiasm learning the story, Hot seating, with different children role playing Romeo and Juliet and the rest of the class asking questions. The children have completed writing work retelling the story remembering how important it is to sequence the story in the correct order for it to make sense.

Design technology this term has been following plans and designs. The children had to plan and design a book mark. This involved thinking of designs for the front and the back of the book mark and recording the different materials that would be used. The children then made their book marks. They were all very unique and well thought out.

In PHSE/RSE we have been thinking about the importance of looking after ourselves both physically and mentally. We have looked at ways to keep ourselves healthy and how we can feel good about ourselves. Exploring personal hygiene, how to look good and have a positive self image and how hobbies and interests can support our well being.

This term in PE we have been learning how to complete gymnastic sequences. We learnt the different moves, jumps and rolls before completing a three step sequence.

Wow we have some budding gymnasts!

Spring 1 2021

Upper School has been learning about the Romans this term.

The children have learnt key facts about where the Romans came from, which countries they conquered and where they got their wealth from. They have also learnt how clever the Romans were developing roads, inventing concrete for floors and creating the first calendars.

The children explored what a Roman soldier would wear, making shields, a sword and sandals. They completed worksheets answering different questions about what they had learnt. They learnt what school was like for Roman children, if they were lucky enough to go to school!

The children particularly enjoyed learning about the hobbies the Romans had. Going to the Roman baths and visiting the amphitheatre. It was a shock to learn the gladiators fought so fiercely against each other and that the emperor could decide who lived and who died. More of a shock was the animals that they fought against. This included bears, giraffes, rhinos, lions, tigers, elephants, antelopes and leopards.

Well done everyone. What fantastic learning you have all done this term!

Upper School have been learning about ‘Right and Wrong’ this term.

We have been making an encyclopaedia in writing, choosing a different topic to write about each week.

For art we have been exploring ‘natural and manmade’. The children went for a walk in the playground and collected different resources which they then used to create a collage.

Music this term in exploring music from different cultures, so far we have recreated Chinese, African, Spanish music and we will be exploring Indian music this week.

In Science we have learnt about medicines and drugs. We have discussed safe people who give us medicines and why some drugs are not safe and illegal.

Upper school have been exploring forces in Science. We have been learning about gravity, friction, water resistance, upthrust and air resistance.

The following pictures show the class exploring the upthrust force and floating and sinking. The children had to make a Plasticine boat float and then predict how many stones would sink it.