Spring Two – Eagles

Eagles class have really enjoyed their measure lessons this term, where we have been learning about size, linear measurement and weight. The children particularly enjoyed measuring the weight of various objects using both standard and non-standard units of measurement, as well as a range of different scales. The children had lots of practice in making estimates on the weight of objects, before measuring and recording the official weight.

During our offsite visits this half term we have focused on identifying the land use of local areas. The children have visited both urban and rural areas in Hertford and Ware, identifying what they can see and how that links to the development of the land. The children have really enjoyed these visits and always look forward to them each week!

We have completed some cross-curricula learning, linking maths with our D&T lessons. The class have been identifying 3D shapes, and creating their own designs with them. They have spent time following their plans in order to build these designs, and it has been lovely to see how creative they have all been.

Also this half term the children have been learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in their literacy lessons. They have loved describing the characters and creating their own sweets; their imaginations have been amazing!

In number lessons we have focused on multiplication and division, from learning to make groups and share objects out equally, to using pictorial representations and arrays to solve more complex multiplication number sentences. All of the children have worked really hard on what can be a tricky process.

Spring 1

Eagles class have been learning all about the Romans.

We have been looking at how the Romans and how they used to live. We have also explored many different things that the Romans had made, such as Mosaics, shields, swords and sandals. In Art we have designed and made our own versions using a variety of media.  Here are some examples of our amazing art work!!

We have been learning about the different famous Roman stories such as: Rhomulus and Remus, Pandora’s Box and Theseus and the Minotaur. We have worked hard to use describing words and similes in our English work. We have answered questions in smaller groups about the stories.

We have really enjoyed learning all about what the Romans did for hobbies!

We couldn’t believe that the gladiators even fought wild animals in the famous amphitheatre ‘The Colosseum’. We have been working very hard every week recalling facts that we have learned even the gruesome facts!

Well done everyone. What fantastic learning you have all done this term!!

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…!

In Eagles class we have been busy decorating our tree and making decorations.  We are very excited about Christmas and looking forward to having lots of fun at school!