‘Communication has always been very good’ 

Parent Feedback

Vision and Ethos

Middleton School will provide:

  •  A safe, happy, fun and secure environment in which adults and children learn through their own experiences and develop their individual interests and strengths;
  •  A supportive partnership with parents/carers which encourages positive involvement in all aspects of their child’s development and effective management of their child’s particular special needs;
  •  A full and balanced curriculum appropriate for every child’s needs enabling each individual to develop their potential;
  •  An environment in which each member of the school community feels confident enough to take risks and recognise that making mistakes is implicit in the learning process.

Will develop in children:

  •  Independence, self-confidence, self-esteem and lively, imaginative and enquiring minds;
  •  Understanding, tolerance, respect and empathy for social, moral, spiritual and cultural diversity, ethnicity, gender and sexuality;
  •  Self awareness, social skills, a set of moral values, internal discipline, the ability to know what is right and what is wrong and the understanding that rules and laws protect us and keep us safe;
  •  The capacity to work, play and socialise to enable each individual to become good citizens, take their place in society in an informed, positive and active way and contribute positively to the lives of those working in the locality of the school and to society more widely;
  •  Questioning, thinking and problem solving skills;
  •  The necessary life skills, understanding and knowledge for each key stage within school which will eventually be relevant to transitions, adult life, employment and the wider world.

Will encourage:

  •  Each child to be independent, confident and able to apply themselves to tasks and physical activities;
  •  Positive relationships between parents/carers and staff, parents/carers and their children.
  •  Respect for democracy and for public institutions and services

Until my child came here he didn’t want to go to school. He was embarrassed and he found learning hard. In just one year Middleton has completely changed that!’ 

Parent Feedback