At Middleton school we value:

  • a SAFE and SECURE environment in which pupils feel confident to engage in new experiences and grow as a learner.
  • A VIBRANT and MEANINGFUL curriculum which enriches  life opportunities and engages the pupil at their own individual level.
  • The PUPIL VOICE  in an environment where all pupil contributions are listened to, valued and incorporated into small scale and large scale decisions. 
  • INDEPENDENCE and RESILIENCE in preparation for future life experiences and optimum individual potential.
  • KINDNESS and FRIENDSHIP, fostered through the holistic ethos of the school and mutual respect for all.
  • WELL BEING for all stakeholders including pupils, staff, visitors and families.
  • HIGH ASPIRATION and PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT for all. Pupils are encouraged to extend their learning through  enrichment opportunities, gaining confidence in their skill set to equip them for their adult life. Pupils are encouraged to not set boundaries upon what they may achieve, but to strive for their own personal goals in life.