Lower School – Lower ability


  • Pupils respond to others with sounds and gestures.
  • Pupils observe others speaking and then repeat and imitate/copy up to ten words, signs or familiar short phrases.


  • Pupil responds appropriately to simple requests, which contain one key word, sign or symbol in familiar situations, e.g. “Get your coat”, “Stand up” or “Clap your hands”.


  • They show some understanding of how books work, for example, turning pages and holding the book the right way up.
  • Pupils match object to object.


  • They make marks or symbols in their preferred mode of communication.
  • Pupils make marks in a range of mediums and from a range of sensory stimuli.

Measure :

  • Pupils explore objects of a range of sizes, weights, temperature. 
  • Pupils listen to adults using words big, small, long, short, heavy, light, hot, cold.