Celebrations and Achievements


Our celebrations and achievements wall has a different theme each time. This time it has been Shooting Stars with the night sky being lit up by the achievements. Each star was presented in assembly.

Lower School
Middle School
Upper School
Lower School
  • Mateo has been learning to try new foods at lunch time! He ate all of his fish fingers! Well done!
  • Skye has been singing beautifully during carpet sessions.
  • Jiajie is trying so hard in phonics and learning lots of new words in class, talking to friends and staff.
  • Tolu jas been trying really hard to sit on his chair inside the hall during assembly. Last week he sat in for the whole of it.
  • Harry is being very kind to his friends and helping them.
  • Sophie A is doing really well with her counting and counted to 10.
  • Andy is signing ‘more’ and ‘please’ when making a request.
  • Oscar is doing so well when trying new foods. Even if the food is something he doesn’t like the look of he is still very brave and has a try.
Middle School
  • Colby has shown great listening this week.
  • George has become more independent in the morning, hanging up his coat and visiting the toilet.
  • Malachi has shown an impressive memory this week and had given some lovely contributions inour science lesson.
  • Ben has been lining up on the ladder after morning playtime.
  • Charlie has really tried hard to put his hand up and take part in lessons this week.
  • Kayte has been a superstar and trying hard to use her words to communicate.
  • Evie is a superstar for being happy, smiley and always trying her best.
  • Nadia has been finding her voice and putting her hand up in lessons.
  • Joe has been trying really hard with his reading. Well done!
  • Sarah has been very grown up and now used the toilet all the time at school.
  • Fatima has been trying really hard to put her hand up in class.
  • Sarah Ann has been eating veg at lunchtime.
  • Laurence has been trying really hard to get changed for PE independently.
  • Jack is beginning to form the letters of his name.
Upper School
  • Amy did fantastic work when we learnt about fractions.
  • Jayden – Well done for excellent focus and motivation.
  • Jude has done a really good job in Design and Technology.
  • Alex has done a great job in sewing.
  • Theo is trying really hard with his writing and numbers. He is having a go when he is unsure and learning that he can get the answer right. Well done!
  • Roshan has settled in really well at Middleton. He has impressed so many adults with how kind and polite he is and he has made lots of new friends already.
  • Owain is practising his letters. He is asking for help o do them properly so that he can get better at writing.
  • Ruby is always smiling, happy to help others and always in the right place at the right time. Well done!
  • Ellie has consistently joined in assembly each week.
  • Ben is remembering to ask before he leaves the classroom.
  • Freddie has been kind and helping his friend in Eagles with outside play.
  • Grace’s writing is amazing! She can write her name very clearly and writes lots of other letters confidently.
  • Nico has been calm and safe on the bus.