Autumn Term 2022

We set up an Autumn sensory science tuff tray to encourage the children to explore and investigate textures, appearance and smell.  It included leaves, feathers, conkers, acorns, pine cones, orange peel, cinnamon and a pumpkin.  The children thoroughly enjoyed scooping out pumpkin seeds, filling containers with the objects and making ‘potions’.  The activity also encouraged their fine motor skills by using tweezers and spoons to fill the containers.

Owls Train trip from Ware to Hertford!!We used to Beebots (programmable robots that you can tell to go forwards, backwards, left, and right) when learning about direction

Traditional tales – The three little pigs. We re-told the story through the use of role play

Coke & Mentos Science experiment We have learnt a variety of different dances this term including; The Okey Cokey, Birdie song and many more.

Science – let’s investigate everyday materials and their properties. We built a volcano. We predicted what might happen if we mixed different ingredients together. We then added the different ingredients together and recorded the results.

Day and Night – The children have been learning about the differences between day and night and the activities that we do during these different times. 

This half term in Owls class we have been learning about countries around the world. We have learnt about Italy, India and Kenya. The children have enjoyed experiencing activities and foods from different countries.