Spring 2 2023                                                            

The Upper School topic this term is Our Growing World 

In cooking we made recipes using different types of vegetables and fruit. This has included stuffed peppers, apple crumble and coleslaw.     

Our offsite visits have included visiting Sainsbury’s to buy our cooking ingredients and a visit to a local garden centre. In the next few weeks we are hoping to visit the Mudlarks allotment in Hertford.

In Science we are learning about habitats and adaptation, including animals and plants. We began by learning about the different types of habitats and which animals and plants live there. Next we had a look at animals and plants in the school grounds, after this the different science groups made plans of how to encourage more animals into the playground. Some children made extensive plans with ponds, insect hotels and underground houses for rabbits etc. While other children made bird houses and feeders. Great fun was had by everyone!

In Geography we are exploring a range of global environments and finding out where in the world these environments exist. Each week we focus on a different environment and discuss what the current issues are for them e.g. deforestation in the rainforest, ice caps melting in Polar regions, pollution in the oceans and so on.  The children have shown concern for the way wildlife is being affected by these issues and what steps we can take to try and resolve them to help the environment.  Our children have impressed us with their prior knowledge of issues such as the need to recycle, saving energy and water and reducing pollution.

We made a diorama of a Polar region and used cling film to represent the ozone layer.  We then observed how quickly the ice melted when there was a hole in the ozone layer and discussed what effect this would have on the wildlife.

In English this term we have been focusing on imaginary worlds. Each week we have looked at a picture of a different imaginary world and have been describing what they can see. The children have really enjoyed using adjectives to enhance their descriptions.

As part of World Book Day, Upper School all read the story of ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt.  Many of our children came to school dressed in the colours of one of the crayons in the story.  The children really enjoyed the story and participated in activities related to it.

Autumn 1 2022

The Upper School topic this term is Beans 

In cooking we made recipes using different types of beans. This has included cheese and bean pasties, vanilla cupcakes, Kidney bean quesadillas and mild coffee cakes.

Our offsite visits have included visiting Sainsbury’s to look for different products that contain vanilla and visiting Mudlarks to experiences a coffee shop. We also visited Barclay Park, the local remembrance site, to pay our respects to The Queen by laying flowers. Each pupil was given one flower to lay.

In Science we are learning plant classification. We began by learning about the importance of plants in the world around us. We then explored what a plant needs to survive by growing our own runner beans. We are now beginning to learn about the different categories.

In Geography we have been learning about the world around us. We have looked at both rich and poor continents around the world. Within our topic of beans we have been looking at where different beans are grown, we have started to make a fact book about the different countries.

In English this term we have been learning to improve our writing skills, we have focused on the story of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. We have been learning to use adjectives to describe a character and created a wanted poster for Jack or the Giant. We have read different versions of Jack and the beanstalk such as ‘Trust me Jacks bean stalk stinks’ and ‘Jack and the baked beanstalk’.

Swifts Spring 1 2021

In Swifts, this half term we have really enjoyed learning all about winter. We have explored the different weather that occurs in winter, compared to other seasons such as summer, and how that affects what clothing we wear. We had to decide whether different pieces of clothing were suitable to wear in winter or not, to keep us healthy, warm and safe. 

We have also enjoyed finding out all about what hibernation is; including which animals hibernate, which season animals hibernate in and why they hibernate. We enjoyed listening to and completing activities based upon the story ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’, which was all about hibernation. We then created our own hibernation plan and assembled a den to hibernate in!

We have also enjoyed learning about ice and snow. In our winter science lessons, we followed instructions to create our very own winter ice sun catchers

The children in Middle School are learning about the Vikings. Here are some links to video clips which will support learning.

Who were the Vikings?


Where did the Vikings come from?


Viking Longships


The children in Middle School love to be active, here are some great Action Songs. Why not have a go together?

Next term the children in Middle School are due to be learning about rivers in their local area. Here are some ideas if you would like to have a look at the topic with your children in advance:

  • Take your child to a local river and have a nice walk along it. Which direction is it flowing? How do you know? A game of ‘Pooh sticks’ is always fun!
  • Observe the wildlife that lives near or on the river.
  • Pop on a pair of wellie boots and have a paddle if it’s safe to do so.
  • Consider the different uses of the river e.g. transport, leisure, flood control.
  • Think about the journey of a river and introduce the terms ‘mouth’, ‘source’, ‘tributary’. Check out the ‘Pooh Bear’ smartboard which tracks the River Lee.
  • This video clip follows the River Forth from source to sea https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z8jtfg8.

World Book Day

The children in Middle School have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children shared their favourite stories and wrote about them. The staff also dressed up and shared their favourite books. The children came to school dressed as different book characters and looked amazing! They all proudly modelled their outfits on a catwalk!!