Red Nose Day – Sponsored Walk

You may be aware from press releases that Friday 18th March is Red Nose Day. If your child has been with the Middleton Community for some time then you will be familiar with our annual ‘Sponsored Walk’. If you are new to the school then your child will be adding a new experience to their time here at Middleton!

The children complete laps of our school playground; collecting a sticker upon each completed full lap of the circuit. They will then share their score card and number of completed laps with you at home. Some pupils achieve well and complete three or four laps, however, the event does become quite competitive for some and, be warned in case you want to sponsor per lap, that some pupils achieve up to 30 laps!

You can find a sponsor form HERE if you wish to sponsor your child although there is no obligation to do so. You may sponsor per lap completed or sponsor a total amount for taking part in the event.

All funds raised will be divided equally between Comic Relief and the school’s own fundraising account. As a school we are currently trying to raise the funds to purchase a new school minibus. Our current vehicles are reaching the end of their shelf life and need to be replaced by newer models. The school minibuses are such a valuable resource to the pupils; allowing them to access offside learning and swimming to but two of our curriculum areas.

We really appreciate the generosity of family and friends who assist us in our fundraising ventures, so Thank You in advance.

Fingers crossed for dry weather! Photos will be posted on the website next week, so stay alert.

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