A very busy first term in Kingfishers! The nicer weather at the start of the term meant that we were able to go on some exciting school trips outside. As the weather has become colder we have been to; Hertford Museum, Van Hages, Hertford Library and Jump City. All of the children have shown how safe and sensible they are able to be offsite.

This term we have really enjoyed cooking and have made lots of sweet and savoury treats-the children particularly enjoyed making cake pops. The children enjoy learning about the food and trying the things that they have made.

Our topic in the second half of the term was ‘significant people’; the children have thought about people that are significant to them and enjoyed thinking about people who are significant to different celebrations– we particularly enjoyed getting dressed up and acting out the story of Guy Fawkes.

The children enjoyed the run up to Christmas this term and made lots of decorations and cooking to go home with them. We thought about the different seasons when we made calendars and got dressed up for summer, autumn, winter and spring.